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Suppliers & Vendors

The Natrium™ plant is being built through a public-private partnership including a large U.S. government grant. Terrapower will follow all federal contracting and tendering rules. Bechtel Corporation is building the reactor with the help of many direct employees and subcontractors.

Bechtel Corporation Supplier Information

Bechtel is leading a majority of the vendor selection for construction materials and services. Interested suppliers are strongly encouraged to register in the Bechtel supplier portal here:

Interested to learn more about Bechtel’s vendor selection process?

Wyoming-based Suppliers

There is strong capability in Wyoming, and the project will be looking for local partners. The improved logistics of partnering with nearby vendors will be a success factor for the project.

The State of Wyoming has compiled a list of resources available to Wyoming businesses that are interested in working on energy projects. Find the state resources here:

Wyoming opportunities and business development questions for the Wyoming Business Council? Email Kiley Ingersoll, Southwest Regional Director, at

TerraPower Supplier Information

A list of potential 2023 RFP opportunities for the Natrium demonstration project can be found on TerraPower’s website.