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Natrium facility rendering

TerraPower and PacifiCorp Announce Efforts to Expand Natrium Technology Deployment

Natrium north building

TerraPower Provides Natrium Demonstration Update to Local Community

Natrium facility rendering

Natrium: Latin for Sodium, Big for Advanced Nuclear Webinar


Natrium: Carbon-free Power for the Clean Energy Transition

Natrium nuclear island

WSJ Opinion: A New Nuclear Power Alternative to Back Up Wind and Solar

Natrium nuclear island

This nuclear reactor could be a game changer for the climate crisis

fuel assembly test stand

Bill Gates company to build reactor at Wyoming coal plant

Wyoming flag

Bill Gates-backed TerraPower tabs Wyoming site for $4B ‘next wave’ nuclear plant

Natrium facility

Safe Nuclear Energy Solutions

Next Generation Nuclear Energy Solutions

TerraPower Meets with Kemmerer Community Leaders

Natrium Wyoming site

The Natrium Project is Underway

Natrium nuclear island and storage tanks

TerraPower selects Kemmerer, Wyoming as the preferred site for advanced reactor demonstration plant

Natrium salt tanks

TerraPower, Wyoming Governor and PacifiCorp announce efforts to advance nuclear technology in Wyoming

Natrium facility

The Natrium Plant in Wyoming

Natrium salt tanks

Demonstrating the Natrium Reactor and Integrated Energy System