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Carbon-free power for the clean energy transition

The Natrium™ reactor and integrated energy system redefines what nuclear technology can be: emissions-free, competitive and flexible.

The Natrium technology is built for the 21st century grid and is one of the fastest and lowest-cost paths to advanced clean energy that the world needs.

Natrium Reactor

The Natrium Technology

The Natrium technology — a 345-megawatt sodium fast reactor coupled with a molten salt-based integrated energy storage system — provides clean, flexible energy and stability for the grid.


Natrium Project in Wyoming

TerraPower is working to advance a Natrium reactor demonstration project at a retiring coal plant in Kemmerer, Wyoming. The advanced energy demonstration project is intended to validate the design, construction and operational features of the Natrium system. The project will bring a commercial operating, advanced nuclear reactor online that will deliver carbon-free, reliable power to the electric grid and provide good-paying jobs in Wyoming for decades to come.

Natrium power cycle and salt storage system

The Natrium Team

The Natrium team brings extraordinary people, unprecedented resources and the right technology to the table to meet the dual challenges of addressing climate change and global energy poverty. Commercializing advanced nuclear technology is critical to providing the carbon-free energy the world needs.



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